Jack and Lona own and operate Horse Creek Adventures. Both have long-standing ties to the area and have a great deal of knowledge in regards to the history of this area. As a way of sharing that history, their memories and what’s happening at HCA today, Lona and Jack created the HCA blog. Enjoy!

Through The Years

Family Hunting Photo

Jack’s family has many stories from years of hunting in the Loess Hills.

Each year over the ages, hunters recall the excitement of the first morning hunt. The anticipation of seeing that opening day buck and all the preparation you went through to get to this day comes together in that early morning moment as the deer season opens.

Looking back, I can recall how my father, uncles and grandfather would reminisce about their previous hunts. They’d all talk about the plan for the day, whether sitting in a tree stand or if going out on foot to stalk that ever-elusive buck. As a youngster, I’d sit back and take in these stories, noticing as their hand motions and eyes would revisit that day. Then a deep breath just before… You always knew what came next and you could cut the excitement with a knife. They tagged a big one!

Tall Tales Get Taller

Loess Hills Deer Hunting

Through the generations, deer hunting in the Loess Hills has brought family and friends together.

Of course, they all took turns being the brunt of the family ribbing. Tall tales grew taller year after year. The “remember when” jokes seeped into the conversations. “Hey guys, remember when Tom was in the tree stand and he fell asleep. That MONSTER buck walked right under him! And there were witnesses!!!”  Followed by rolling eyes and belly laughs.

Now, as I travel around the HCA property reminiscing about my life memories, I feel a kinship with our guests and pride in the property.

Land Management & Preservation

The land management program we’ve established here at HCA has helped not only to preserve the land itself but also the abundance of wild game. We work hard to keep intact our heavily wooded valleys that open out into tall grass pastures along with the creeks and pond full of water. As I ride the property, I notice visible signs of deer paths everywhere, with rubs and an occasional left-over antler shed from last season. I guess the mouse missed that one.

By paying special attention to detail and by limiting the hunting that’s done here, we are able to keep the wildlife abundant. And guests who come to visit and stay on our property in the off-season are always excited to see what nature brings to us each spring!

Deer Hunting At HCA

HCA offers hunting packages for six deer hunters per season. Trailhead Station, our rustic bunkhouse, offers ample space for up to fifteen people to stay and be comfortable. A hot meal each morning after your hunt is also provided when you book a deer hunting package. We’ve spared no expense on the mattress in your room, for that all-important nap after breakfast.

Back when I was a youngster, I was the low man on the pole and I was relegated to a pillow on the floor… falling asleep in front of the TV.  Maybe you too, remember those days?