Hello from Jack’s Cabin,

Veteran’s Day has come and gone. Deer hunting is about to wind down for the season. And the ‘Season of Giving’ is upon us.

What do all of those things have in common, you may wonder?

Supporting Veterans & Families In Need

As a Vietnam Veteran and co-owner of Horse Creek Adventures, I work closely with other veterans and with civic organizations. And, we have many vets who visit HCA throughout the year. Each deer hunting season, we ask those who hunt or stay on our property if they would like to donate to veterans. The response is humbling. Hunters here at HCA and in the surrounding area often donate meat and/or the pelt from the wild game they harvest.

Donations Stay Local

Obviously, the meat feeds families in need. A local meat processor in Hamburg, Iowa processed the wild game. The donations stay local. The meat is distributed to families who live right here in Freemont County.

What About Those Pelts?

The pelts, or hides as they are commonly called, are collected and delivered to our local Elk’s Clubs. There, they are handed over to our disabled veterans and put to good use.  

Deer hides are used to make leather wheelchair gloves, crafting kits, therapeutic kits for veterans’ hospitals and clinics, and more.

One Small Gift Helps Many

These efforts have supported thousands of disabled veterans. To date, these hides have been used to make 3,336 pairs of wheelchair gloves, more than 100,000 square feet of crafting leather, and crafting kits for those vets… among other things. These thousands of items that have helped thousands of veterans all started with donated deer hides right here in Freemont County and HCA.   

Service To Country

Being 3rd generation military, dating back to Teddy Roosevelt, my life and my family history has always revolved around service to country.

Thank you all for your service and I hope to see you at the next campfire.