Seasonal Events

Horse Creek Adventures is open year round. To help you plan your visit below is a list of special events and what is happening at the ranch each season.

Spring Events: Story telling breakfast - Payments on them

Introducing this year, Saturday Morning Story Telling.

This event begins the second Saturday in June and continues to early fall. Activities begin at 10 a.m, there will be a light breakfast, story telling and the chance for guests after the program to hike our trails, go birding, ride your horse or just soak up the warm late spring sun.

Each Saturday will be different story tellers, you will find that this part of Iowa has been involved in many events that were part of our national history such as the Orphan trains. We will also vary the program with music some Saturdays.

Prepayment required to make a reservation


Join us June 12th. Cost is $5 for adults, children 10-5 $3, younger children free.

Seeking volunteers:

If you have stories to share about SW Iowa,
or would like to share your musical talents,
contacts us at via email
or call Lona, 712-314-0648.
Also looking for birders who would share their love of birds with others.

What’s happening in Nature

Early spring flowers, May Apples, Showy Orchid, Redbud and Dogwood on display.
It’s baby time- fawns, turkeys, baby rabbits everywhere, calves in the neighbor’s pasture. Birds are coming back.

Highlights of the Season:

Look for mushrooms(morels) especially, if it is a wet spring.
The grass is still short, allowing hikers to traverse the whole 170 acres and perhaps find the headstone of a young girl that seems to appear only in the spring.
Animals are more visible, best chance to see a bobcat.Fish are biting

Summer Events: Chuck wagon breakfast


Introducing this year, Sunday Chuck Wagon Breakfast. Full breakfast fixed the way the cowboys did it -cast iron. Bacon, Sausage, eggs, cobblers and more. Nothing like a cup coffee brewed on an open fire. First breakfast, July 18th continuing the third Sunday of each month though Fall.

Prepayment required to make a reservation

Breakfast is served from 9:30 to 11:30, all you can eat. Adults $18, children 10-5 $10, younger children, free.

Reservation required. Email your reservation to breakfast stay a while and soak up nature. Walk off all the food by enjoying our trials including a short tail that takes you to the top of the hills and provides some breathtaking views.
2) Saturday morning Story Telling continues the second Saturday. Check here for programs for each month.

What’s happening in Nature

The woods offer a shaded retreat. Stop and listen to the rustle of the trees, reminding you of the mountains. Feels like you are a million miles from nowhere but actually just an hour from Omaha and 2 hours from Kansas City.
Fish are biting except they have gone deeper.
Early morning visits from the animals, serenaded at night by the coyotes and the neighbor’s cows.
Grassy fields are filled with flowers.
Large variety of birds share the land with you.
Butterflies abound.

Highlights of the Season:

Eating blackberries ripening all over the ranch.Thunderstorms that make your ‘Off the Grid” cabin feel so cozy.
Setting around the campfire at night as it cools, star gazing, watching the lightening bugs.

Fall Events: See above for details

2nd Saturday Saturday Morning Storytelling

Check here for program announcements

3rd Sunday Chuck Wagon Breakfast

What’s happening in Nature

Still the animals, still the fishing.
Deer are everywhere, rutting season is beginning.
Plant are showing their seed pods. Look for the bittersweet.
The last few warm days.

Highlights of the Season:

Fall color
Monarch migration
Owl migration

Winter Events: Storytelling and Chuck Wagon programs closed until spring

Horse Creek Christmas Designs open for business late November through December 15.
Fresh wreaths and Christmas arrangements-outdoors and indoors.
Camping and cabins are open but you need winter gear.

What’s happening in Nature

Still animals especially deer, who come to Horse Creek to get away from hunting. Check out the tracks in the snow.

Highlights of the Season:

Snow shoeing
Sitting by a warm fire enjoying the pristine views of snow and ice

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